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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]

Differential Diagnosis III

[Posting order Chase, Thirteen, Foreman, Amber]

Chase knew he was inevitably going to get a mixed reaction when he walked into the Diagnostics office after calling a differential. Compounding the issue was the fact he had Amber tow. When Cuddy told him the Diagnostics patient was apparently deteriorating and he had to step up to the plate with House now out of action, Chase had one proviso - that Amber be involved in the case from now on. She originally pulled the patient from the Clinic to hand over to House, so she knew the basis of it. Chase also happened to think Wilson's smug ex-girlfriend was actually good at Diagnostics. If Cuddy wanted this thing wrapped up, Chase wanted as many hands as he could get. If the team didn't like it, they could piss off.

Amber took a seat at the conference table and Chase stepped up to the whiteboard, glancing over House's scrawls there and then picking up one of the markers, uncapping it. "House is out of action. Cuddy's asked me to run the case. Dr Hadley... Thirteen... whatever you want to go by, can I have an update on the patient's status and condition, please? I haven't had time to read the notes. I was off, you know, doing my real job. We all want this signed off as quick as we can. He's deteriorating, I know that much. What's progressed since the coughing up blood and the Low RBC count?" he asked, pointing to House's last two additions to the whiteboard with the tip of the marker.
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