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Dr. Eric Foreman

[OTA] Some days, he wished he had chosen law school

Kutner and Foreman had been sent on the B&E of the patient's home this time, and despite being slightly irked at the fact and even more irked at Chase's presence in the differential, he had just gone along with it. Even though House was - as always - firmly lodged in Denial Land, everyone knew something was wrong. It was like a gorilla had lumbered into the office, taking a large dump in the corner, and then everyone was trying to ignore it happened. Same impact knowing House had something wrong with it. It was like that Fawlty Towers scene 'Don't mention the war', and it was getting tiresome. By this point, however, Foreman was only interested in finding the patient's diagnosis, so he went to the patient's home with Kutner to try and find some more answers.

There were a few possible indicators, or at the very least, some leads they might be able to follow. Foreman returned to the hospital with some specimens to take to the lab for testing, and that was where he was headed while Kutner bailed to go get a burger in the cafe, promising he would be by the labs ASAP. ASAP in Kutner language could mean just about anything, though. Foreman wasn't going to sit around and wait for him to stuff his face. He was pulling on his lab coat as he entered the path labs, hoping the tests would bring something to light to speed up this diagnosis a little. With House hardly able to string a sentence together without staring off into space and Chase hovering around him like a bad smell, how was anyone even going to get on the same page to solve the case?
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