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[OTA, Tag Thirteen] Hoping for some answers.

"Ah hhab halymawha?" was all Jim could manage before the tongue depressor was removed from his mouth, looking inquisitively between the two doctors. Well, at least he was getting an answer other than 'it might be this.'

Taub rolled back on the seat, putting the patient's hand back down on the bed after inspecting the tips of his fingers for dilated blood vessels, indicative of HHT. No dice, which meant it wasn't HHT... which also meant that they had a better chance about being correct about the Polymyositis and less of a chance at aggravating the patient with diagnosis after diagnosis.

"Polymyositis is a disease that affects your connective tissues. Makes you feel weak and makes it harder to move muscles without getting tired a lot sooner than you normally would."

Jim found himself eyeing the female doctor. Um... "What does that have anything to do with the fact that I feel like I'm coughing up enough blood to fill a pool with?" he asked, not quite getting it. "It's curable, right?"
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