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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]

[OTA, TAG CUDDY] Back to his REAL job

Chase had half an hour before his next surgery, a hysterectomy of a young woman who had been brought in last night following a car accident. Not only had the impact caused her to lose a baby, but she had too many internal injuries and now needed the operation. She wouldn't be able to have anymore kids. It sucked, and some days Chase just didn't like his job. No one should have their ability to have children stolen off them at twenty-two years old. That wasn't old enough to know anything about your life.

He was standing at the Nurses' station of the Operating Rooms, reading over the file for a second time. Second, but not last. In fact, he would probably read and check the details a good six more times with various staff members before the scalpel even came near the woman's flesh. Sure, Medical Negligence happened, but it shouldn't with the right protocol. There was going to be no med malpractice on Chase's watch, and no wrong body parts being chopped off.

He had already lost time sitting in on House's differentials. It didn't feel the same anymore, and he felt like he was 1) going through the motions, and 2) babysitting House to make sure he didn't throw a blood clot in his brain and start frothing at the mouth or the like. Knowing he wouldn't be following through on the actual case was probably part of the problem. There was sitting in on a differential and there was acting on one. Without the latter, Chase was just bored. He had the sort of attention span that liked to be busy. He didn't always need to be busy with something productive, but something to do with his hands was usually ample. He may was well have been sitting with his finger up his arse in the differentials for all the purpose he had there.
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