Dr James Wilson (headofoncology) wrote in headtrauma_rpg,
Dr James Wilson

[CLOSED TO CUDDY] Reluctant is as reluctant does

It took Wilson over an hour of sitting in his office trying to remain separated from the situation before he made any firm decisions. Why... why was it always like this? He didn't want to be doing this all over again. He wanted to step away and make a clean break so maybe he could pick up the tattered pieces of his life and try to find some happiness, even if he was getting tired in his search for it. The first half hour, he resolved that it was Cuddy's problem... especially if Wilson planned to resign from the job and move very far away from Princeton. He was even contemplating returning to Canada. Why couldn't it just be easy?

The second half hour was when the headache started to set in, and the drained tiredness. It was always the drained tiredness that made Wilson's footing in his resolve slip. How was Cuddy going to know if Wilson didn't tell her? How could Cuddy really deal with House on her own? Was House accountable for his own actions if he had neurological issues? Was it neurological issues, or just more substance abuse? Did Wilson want anything to do with the substance abuse? Did Wilson want to care anymore?

He exhaled heavily and hoarsely as he sat hunched slightly forward on the sofa in Cuddy's office. She was sitting in the arm chair beside him expectantly. He hadn't actually said anything since arriving in her office beyond 'Can I please have a word?'. It might actually help if he spoke up. He opened his mouth, the words about House on the tip of his tongue, but instead, "I'm resigning."
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