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Gregory House

[Closed to Thirteen, Chase] Differential Diagnosis II

[Post order is House, Thirteen, Chase]

Tapping the marker on the table, the incident with Wilson earlier running through his mind, House pointed to the whiteboard.

Perpetual dry cough
Difficulty breathing

"Got a new symptom. Patient is coughing up blood," he stated.

Kutner looked around the table, a beat passing before piping up with, "We hooked him up with a bag of B Negative, but he's losing blood faster than we can put it back into him."

House tilted his head, "... A lot of blood," he corrected himself. "I'm safe to assume you ran a blood test?"

"Low red blood cell count, no signs of infiltrates," Taub answered.

"CT results?" House asked, turning to add Low RBC count to the whiteboard. Lung cancer didn't move this fast, and bronchitis didn't cause this much blood loss. So... maybe Cut Throat Bitch did something right for once and actually gave them a proper case.
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