Dr. Lisa Cuddy (dean_ofmedicine) wrote in headtrauma_rpg,
Dr. Lisa Cuddy

[CLOSED TO HOUSE] Boss... not something else

Cuddy swooped on the Diagnostics conference room and found the team filtering out, leaving House and Chase in there by the whiteboard. Wait...



Cuddy's eyes bounced between the two men in confusion for a moment, before she cleared her throat. Chase seemed to suspect a storm was brewing and merely offered a slight smirk before exiting the room and disappearing up the hall. Cuddy looked over House's face for all of twenty seconds before she held up her hand. "What is going on, House? No bull. No jokes. No fobbing me off with ridiculous references to my cleavage or other body parts. Answers, now."
Tags: [character] gregory house, [character] lisa cuddy, [place] diagnostics, [post] closed
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